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Bowie Chef® Custom

Where is the American blade shape? 

For many years we have become familiar with a multitude of Japanese blade shapes as well as many popular German and French designs. But what about us? The United States has a rich, deep culinary history, but no domestic blade shape to call its own, until now.

Mattia Borrani designed the Bowie Chef® to pay homage to an original American shape steeped with almost 200 years of history. Our constant drive for innovation, creativity, and freedom to pick and choose the finest from our melting pot of cultures is what makes up the United States, and is what the Bowie Chef® is all about.

With our team of trusted and highly skilled engineers and craftsmen, we have been making custom knives in Sonoma County, California, for nearly a decade. Over the years, we have expanded this art and expertise into an incredible line of state-of-the-art chef's knives, something accessible and relevant for everyone, from the novice home cook to the meticulous professional chef.  With our team's dedication to quality products, we have spent countless hours sketching, programming, prototyping, testing, and cooking to refine our knives to help improve everyone's experience in the kitchen. My passion for cooking was the inspiration that brought these skills together to create a line of chef knives of unparalleled quality, handcrafted cutlery of which we can all be proud.  Enjoy.