All of our knives are guaranteed for life to be free of defects in workmanship and materials when received from our shop.  Any product we find to be defective in its original material, construction, or workmanship will be repaired at no charge.  Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable and does not extend to normal signs of wear, rust, damage or breakage due to improper use, improper maintenance, accidents, loss or theft. If there ever arises a situation due to material defect or workmanship in which your knife requires repair and/or replacement,  send it back to us and we will either repair or replace the knife to your satisfaction.  Please keep in mind that all our knives are custom made and are unique so there can be some slight differences and variations due to material availability.  In the event a knife needs to be replaced, we will try our best to make it as similar as possible.  We cannot warranty products due to loss, damage caused by abuse, neglect, or misuse (such as prying, opening cans, etc.)