Located just north of San Francisco in the heart of the Wine Country is a small family-run shop that is creating one of a kind handmade custom cutlery to inspire and facilitate creativity in the kitchen.  With superior materials and meticulous design, we strive to deliver an indispensable tool that is not only functional but unique and beautiful as well.  We are crafting cutlery that allows you to be more versatile and productive in the kitchen, evoking creativity whether you are making a meal for yourself, a feast for friends, or your loyal customers.


Food has always been a passion of mine, it holds some of my first memories from childhood along with countless hours of exploration and research.  I was conceived in Florence, Italy and spent a large part of my early years going there to visit family, always being  surrounded by the wonderful meals they would make.  It was my first introduction to the joys of cooking, and many memories were made by sitting down to a meal with family and friends.  When I was ten, my first job involved prepping food at a restaurant while living in Oaxaca, Mexico. I was heavily influenced and remember vividly all the smells and flavors that encompassed their regional cuisine. Around sixteen, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I continued to hone my skills as a chef at various restaurants and private parties around the Bay. By twenty three I had my fill of the restaurant grind and moved to Venice, CA to pursue a career in music. While playing in a band full time, I still continued to cook for private parties and friends.  It was while living in Los Angeles where I was surrounded by so many nationalities and cultures that I realized I had never lost my affinity for cooking or exploring the vast culture of food.



Fast forward to 2011-2019 where I have been busy owning and running Begg Knives, a world renowned knife company located in Sonoma County, CA.  We have been producing some of the highest quality knives in the world for nearly a decade with a track record of awards and acclaim from numerous international publications. You may even be familiar with the show we had on the Discovery Channel about our knives. With success and acclaim, I feel that everything has now come full circle and it is a natural progression to incorporate my passion for cooking, along with my experience in knife making, into a tool that is relevant for the culinary world I have been familiar with. Along with our team of engineers and craftsmen we are applying this knowledge of knife making into something beautiful and functional for everyone, The Bowie Chef™.  From the novice home cook to the meticulous professional chef, Americas first culinary blade shape is born!